About us

Envisage the Design Overload of Development Team

ideaclay envision to bridge the gap between technology and user experience by offering a combination of skill-set that would minimize the pressure of software development companies / developers by offering them a plug and play User experience design and strategy to their software solution.

Greater Blend of Design to Solve Complex Problems

Almost all the software technologies can perform similar functions that are commonly required for data processing. While Interactive solution is a combined output of Ideas, Technology, and Great Analysis of User Expectations from a solution.  Ideaclay work as a partner with it's customers who want to enrich their solutions user experience by implying a well defined design process by the seasoned the stake holders of ideaclay. Indian Software industry mainly work as an offshore development center for the US and Europe market. While we excel in to technology,  companies face challenges in delivering great UI/UX design that can meet the international design expectations. Ideaclay offer a blended skillset that plugs the right skill profile to solve any complex design problem in the UI design & development of a software life cycle.

Migrating to new technology – Optional or Mandatory ?

As we all know that, the smartness of young generation is largely measured by the exposure they have with the tech world. Almost every kid is addicted to this new edge toys. Never the less there are new start-ups like Primo and Play-i who are coming up with tech toys for kids, which will make […]


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