UX Design

UX Design

Success of Product is largely dependent on the user experience of an application. Perhaps in most of cases software product development starts from technology, keeping the user aside. While technology is important, the software development process shall bring the user in picture in the beginning. This not only help deliver great products, but also save on the development efforts.

We bring in a systematic process to build a Clutter-free, Functional UI’s that Tunes with Human Emotions.

ico_1Domain Study & Design Strategy

  • Understanding Business Goals
  • Stake owners Expectations
  • Broad Level Objectives
  • Technology Constraints
  • Marketing Goals
  • Critical Success Factors

ico_2Environmental Study & Data Gathering

  • Environment Profiles
  • Regional Traits
  • Culture and Conventions
  • Data Gathering
  • User Groups
  • Context Base Thought Process
  • Building Questioner

ico_3User & Task Analysis

  • General Tasks
  • Target Users
  • User Profiles
  • Building of Persona
  • Work Flow Design

ico_4Information Architecture

  • Study of Common terms Used
  • Logical Grouping of Tasks
  • Labels & Titles
  • Hierarchical Arrangement
  • Content Arrangement

ico_5Prototyping & Feedback

  • Paper Prototyping
  • Designing of Wireframes
  • Low Fidelity Screen Flow
  • Click through Screen Prototype
  • Recording Observations
  • Integrating Observations

ico_6Final Design

  • High Fidelity UI Design
  • Defining Color Pallets
  • Designing Screen Esthetics
  • Iconography
  • Info Graphics / Diagrams
  • Working Html/Css/Js Prototype

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