Migrating to new technology – Optional or Mandatory ?

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As we all know that, the smartness of young generation is largely measured by the exposure they have with the tech world. Almost every kid is addicted to this new edge toys. Never the less there are new start-ups like Primo and Play-i who are coming up with tech toys for kids, which will make understanding of programming concepts easy. This indirectly depicts 2 things -

  1. Understanding the Fundamentals of Programming is getting Complex, because mature frameworks are hiding the complex programming made under the hood, by which programming appear to be easy from the surface. While we all know programming is a complex stuff, and one who choose it, needs to have clear understanding of the fundamentals and has a capability of understanding the complex code.
  2. End user of the system need not be a geek and will always seek for system that is easy to use and offer more productivity, which follow a fresh evolving user interaction paradigm.

I remember one of my very first customers who was a librarian (Non Programmer), use to use Command Prompt to access internet. It was a shock to me, when I heard this; Because I started my IT career with desktop having Microsoft windows 3.11 on 640 MB Hard drive, having 4MB ram, but it was having a browser to browse internet. So it was very difficult for me to visualize how they did this.

And now when we work on a 500GB Hard Drive, with  8 GB ram, It is very difficult to imagine how I would have worked on a 4 MB ram, and 640 MB Hard Drive Desktop  – Not to forget copying 4 or 5 MB file on multiple 1.4 Floppies using ARJ.

Likewise we shifted from a classical multi page websites to single page website and web apps in which you can drag and drop things from one place to another there is no page refresh; I think Designers and Developers who struggled days and night to make a web page look identical in IE and Netscape will have tears of joy, when they look at this new shift in the paradigm.

The young generation who is growing with the cutting edge gadgets are going demand tools which are alike, so if not already, old applications would go through revamp in terms of technology to meet the expectations of new generation.

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